Welcome to Mires Martial Arts Karate School founded in April of 2010!

The style that we train is Shorin-Ryu which is a traditional Okinawan Martial Art. Shorin-Ryu is defensive, never offensive. Those who train in Shorin-Ryu must follow the belief of “Karate Ni Sente’ Nashi” (There is no first attack in Karate)

Students of this club will learn:

                                            - Respect


                                            - Discipline

                                           - Self-Confidence

                                           - Kihons (Punches, Kicks, & Blocks)


                                           - Kata (a sequence of movements)

                                           - Technique (learning to defend against an

                                            attacker a controlled environment)

                                           - Kumite (fighting in a controlled environment, sparring)


We Proudly Support:

4743 Clayton Rd. Suite 3 Concord, CA 94521